Full Ratchet

“V. I. Warshawski with Semtex and rocket launchers.” — Booklist

“Big, big fun … a blistering popcorn thriller.” — Corduroy Books


This summer Viking Penguin released the thriller Full Ratchet.

A simple accounting job at a Pittsburgh manufacturer goes twisty when the entire company proves corrupt. Silas Cade handles it his usual way – gunsmoke and blood – but Russian mafiya and a ruthless blonde killer named Harmony arrive to complicate the final report. Meanwhile Silas has tracked down his mysterious brother Dave, who is drawn into the fray when his backwoods garage is destroyed by armored assault.

Firefights erupt across western Pennsylvania. While Silas and Harmony are emptying nine-mils at each other, an attraction develops – and when they discover that the venerable billionaire Wilbur Markson seems to be pulling the strings, she switches sides with a vengeance.

A climactic showdown blasts across the forests, highways and fracking fields of Appalachia. Confronting ex-SOF mercenaries, spetznaz enforcers and the fourth richest man in the world, Silas and Harmony have only pure hearts, stolen guns – and Dave’s driving skills – to save them.