[Clawback] plays to public vengeance. With the liberty that only over-the-top fiction can take, it describes an errant Wall Street, still unreconstructed after the financial crisis, turning on itself. Did someone say catharsis?” — Wall Street Journal

“Intriguing characters, knowing insights into the Wall Street demimonde, a blistering pace, lots of action, and some over-the-top derring-do.” — Booklist   (Starred Review)

The thriller Clawback, published to wide acclaim last year, will be released in paperback by Penguin in June 2013.

America might be slogging through its worst recession in seventy years, but Wall Street is back in glory – until the killing starts.

As Clawback opens, an assassin has begun shooting the country’s worst-performing financiers. A bottom-ranked investment manager; a hedge fund partner down ninety percent; a rotten banker. Someone’s slogan seems to be, “Don’t bail them out, take them out!”

A coalition of banksters hires a fixer, the sort of contractor whose job description opens with “total deniability” and ends with “unlicensed machine guns.” As bodies fall and markets plunge, he ranges the Greenwich-Midtown axis with an equalizer and an attitude – only to realize he’s become a target himself.

“Mike Cooper’s Clawback is fantastic. This is my kind of thriller and I can’t wait for the next one.”

Brad Thor, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Clawback is a guilty pleasure. Buy it.”

Thomas Perry, New York Times Bestselling Author