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Youth Unemployment – It’s Their Own Damn Fault

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Youth unemployment is painfully high around the world.

I suppose that’s one of those rare points to make me glad I’m no longer in my twenties, but the problem is acute. More than half of Spain’s under-25s are out of work, and in Greece it’s almost two-thirds. Youth unemployment in developing countries is a major source of unrest. In the United States, twice as many young people are unemployed as their elders. Even in China, by some measures the world’s most dynamic economy, it’s the youth job market is becoming more and more difficult.

Fortunately, especially in these last two countries, the nation’s leaders are on the case. Just for fun, can you tell which quote comes from a senior official in the Chinese ministry of human resources, and which is from a conservative CNN pundit:

The problem isn’t that we’ve been too hard on young people all these years, but rather too easy. Even with high unemployment, there are still employers who need workers. And many of the more physically demanding jobs tend to need younger workers. The trouble is that young people are just not that interested.

On one hand, the number of graduates is high. But the other issue is that a lot of graduates want stable and high-paying, cozy jobs. One of the causes of unemployment among graduates is that expectations are too high.

In other words, if all those slackers would just get off their butts, they could find a job in a snap. It’s not our problem to solve!

Which is very convenient for politicians, both here and in China.

Note: the first quote is from CNN, of course, and the second from China. But they could easily write each other’s op-eds.

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