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All Publicity Is, Well, You Know

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Who cares what they say about your book, so long as they’re talking?

It’s all good, was the received wisdom for years – science even proved it. More recently, the rule was refined somewhat: negative publicity helps lesser-known books, but hurts the work of authors who are already well-known.

A real-time demonstration of this effect has just appeared: the novel by Q.R. Markham, spectacular plagiarist, is still on the shelves. What’s more, “post-scandal sales for the book were up on Amazon.”

And it’s not just books. In a neat confluence of this blog’s themes, another recent paper has shown that when a company is in the news, its stock price will see a bump — no matter whether the news is good or bad. (To be fair, the bump is higher on good news.)

This does widen the range of self-promotion possibilities.

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