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Homemade Guns


Non-professional gunsmiths are active in the US, producing homemade weapons from zipguns to machine pistols. Valiant defenders of liberty or dangerous lunatics, take your pick — but they aren’t large in number. After all, there’s no need: with 64,000 licensed gun dealers in the 50 states, no one has to go far to buy almost anything they want.

That’s less true elsewhere in the world. India, for example, has a thriving underground-gunsmith culture; laws restricting manufacture to a handful of government firms have led to a proliferation of black-market shops who turn out small arms for criminals and insurgents.

DIY gunmaking is gray-zone legal in the Philippines, however, and Kit Up! has a good post today on the gunsmiths of Danao, a town on the southern island of Cebu. With scrap metal and junkyard parts, these garage operations turn out weapons so well-crafted that they’re bought by police and security forces dissatisfied with official procurement.

On sale are long firearms like Armalites, machine pistols like KG-9s, Uzis, Ingrams, and assault rifles like baby Armalites. Danao’s gunmakers also make silencers and other gun accessories.

It’s worth reading Jaileen Jimeno’s entire story. As is often the case, small-scale hometown entrepreneurs are just as capable as the government-supported behemoths — or even more so.

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